MH-CET 2022 All you need to know about the course of preparation

Every aspirant has a desire to study and stand out in the competition but at times you are quite ambiguous about the topics that you have to study. 

The first step to start with the preparation for any competitive exam is to get familiar with the syllabus. 

You should always be thorough with topics that you have to study and analyze the amount of effort required for each topic accordingly. 

Once you are done with going through the syllabus, you are all set to begin with the MH CET Law exam preparation with a proper strategy. 

The most important thing in your course of preparation is to understand exactly what you are going to study and how. 

Let’s together plan a strategy and come out with flying colours. 

Get a basic overview of MH CET Law syllabus: 

MH CET Law exam is of 150 marks, having 150 questions (1 mark each) and its syllabus has been almost the same for many years. The key idea is to clear the basic concepts in topics or the sections of the paper to be specific, which are mentioned below. 

  1. Legal aptitude and reasoning. 
  2. General knowledge and current affairs. 
  3. Logical reasoning 
  4. Elementary Mathematics 
  5. English language. 

For the preparation of the above topics it’s very essential for the aspirant to have a deep interest in current affairs in and around our country. 

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As said, today a reader is tomorrow a leader. 

How to prepare the topics for the MH CET Law exam? 

You should have a strong dedication and interest in the subject to prepare and excel in such a high-level competitive exam. 

It’s definitely not an easy thing to crack, since your entire career, college, and future depends on this foundational step. 

Below are the tips that will help you in your MH CET Law preparation. 

  • Legal aptitude and reasoning: 

This section carries the weightage of 40 marks alone. I know the number is high! You should wisely prepare for this section as this is only based on all the legal facts and propositions. A strong analytical vision is required to solve the questions based on legalities. 

The sub-topics include, 

  • Study of Indian Constitution. 
  • The Indian Contract Act. 
  • Law study related to damage to the property or injury to a person (Torts) 
  • The study of laws related to the rule of conduct (maxims)
  • Indian Penal Code. 
  • Family and Relationship Laws. 
  • Legal terminologies. 
  • Significant landmarks and the judgments of the supreme court (with dates) 


  • GK and Current Affairs: 

This topic is quite relatable since it requires not much study, but a lot of awareness. So if you are aware enough to know what is currently going on at the national and international levels, you can score well in this section. This section includes 30 questions (1 mark each) This also requires a sound knowledge of History and political science. Check out our free videos to enhance your general knowledge.

Sub-topics in this section include, 

  • Political affairs and events
  • Geographical factors of the country. 
  • General Science (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry) 
  • Development in science and technology. 
  • Bestseller and popular books and Authors. 
  • Industrial and agricultural development in India. 
  • Historical events with significance. 
  • Economic study 
  • National and international affairs 
  • Industries with significant roles in the development of India.

Pro Tip: Use the tools like the internet, newspapers, television, and others to enhance your general knowledge. You can also refer to our magic toolkit that has been prepared under expert guidance. 

Your smartphone has much to do apart from NETFLIX and gaming. 

  • Logical reasoning: 

This section is also having a significant weightage of 40 marks. You can try solving as many questions as possible in this area. The only thing to develop strong analytical skills and solve these tricky questions is to practice. You can have an added advantage in your preparation if you join our online coaching for MH CET 

Let’s sum up the sub-topics in this section-

  • Analysis of the statements, arguments, and assumptions (legal) 
  • Questions of Assertion-Reason type. 
  • Number test (quiz, sequence, and order based) 
  • Coding and decoding (puzzles, resolutions to the problem, etc)
  • Ranking based questions (order and sequence) 
  • Statements and their conclusions
  • Syllogism 
  • Problems related to distance and direction. 
  • Problems related to blood relationships ( Example: If X is the daughter of Y, and Y is the brother of Z. what is the relationship of Y and Z) 
  • Basics of share trading. 

Pro tip: To test your knowledge you can attempt a number of mock tests provided by our online coaching. This will help you keep an exact account of the knowledge acquired.  

  • Elementary Mathematics (Algebra and Geometry) 

Maths is definitely a crucial part of all the areas of study. The same is with the MH CET Law exam preparation, this also needs a lot of practice and revision. If you fear Mathematics, you should join offline or online coaching for MH CET exam preparation, this will help you clear all your concepts. It has a weightage of 10 marks. 

Sub-topics in this section: 

  • Mensuration ( Study of area, length, and volume) 
  • Commercial mathematics ( Accounting, simple and compound interest) 
  • Modern mathematics and data interpretation. 
  • Graphs and group charts
  • Basic statistics and concepts like permutation and combination. 
  • Number system (LCM, HCM, etc. )
  1. English Language:

Communication is an extremely important factor in all the sectors today. English is a universal language and its importance cannot be neglected. This section has a good weightage of 30 marks. You can refer to several resources to prepare the basic command in English (+2 level)  

Sub-topics in English: 

  • Grammar and vocabulary 

synonyms, antonyms, blanks, definitions, etc. 

  • Errors in English usage. 

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. 

  • Comprehension 

Passage-based questions and answers. 

  • Language proficiency

Idioms, phrases, clauses, and sentence formation. 

We have put in our best efforts to help you with a detailed form of the syllabus with weightage. Please make sure you go through and prepare well. 

Note to all the ambitious aspirants of MH CET Law exam: 

It’s important to manage your time properly and create a well-planned schedule for the preparation.

Since the topics may require proper guidance and your queries might need an expert review and resolution it would be better for you to join the best online coaching for MH CET Law Exam preparation. 

This comprehensive live course prepared by the industry and educational experts will help you excel in your career. 

The doubt solving sessions and live training would definitely give you a clear picture of how you need to go step-by-step and strategize things accordingly. 

All the best for your future endeavors!

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