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26th June 2022 was clearly national entrance exam day – JEE, IPMAT Rohtak, AILET all scheduled on the same day. If you are a believer of omens, then the falling difficulty level of exams this year – Christ University BBA Entrance, then NPAT, then OP Jindal, then the NM College-Mithibai test, and now IPMAT (Rohtak) – should fill you with optimism for the big one’s next weekend – IPMAT 2022 and SET 2022. Even if you don’t believe in omens, at least these easier papers should give you the much-required confidence for the tests ahead.

Yes, that is our summary analysis: IPMAT (Rohtak) was easier than the previous year and should bring some cheer to students who have been stressed out due to CBSE and ISC exams ending barely 3 weeks ago.

IPMAT 2022 – IIM Rohtak Paper Pattern

In terms of structure, IPMAT Rohtak stuck to the plan – 40 questions, 3 sections, 4 marks for each correct answer, and –1 for each incorrect answer. And it again belied its own notification. In 2021 and 2022, IPMAT Rohtak notification declared a sectional time limit, but the actual exam did not have a sectional time limit. That meant easy navigation throughout sections.

Section  Total Questions  Overall difficulty  Good attempts  Recommended  time  Good score 
Quantitative Ability  40  Easy  27 – 29    40 minutes  90 – 92  
Logical Reasoning  40  Moderate  25 – 27   40 – 45 minutes  87 –89  
Verbal Ability  40  Easy  32 – 34  35 minutes  96 – 98  
Overall  120  Easy   85 – 87   120 minutes  270 –275 

IPMAT 2022 Exam Analysis: IIM Rohtak (Summary)

  1. Going in the given order of questions was not a good idea. 
  2. At least 1/3rd of the questions were straightforward in every section – you could easily solve them in less than a minute.  
  3. Anyone who played to their strengths did not get exhausted till the end. This includes test-takers who smartly started with Verbal Ability instead of Quantitative Ability.  
  4. The cut-offs above assume that the number of test-takers this year was the same as that last year. If the number increased or decreased significantly, cut-offs will change.  
  5. Despite these cut-off predictions, we want to reassure anyone who feels confident about scoring 250+ on this test. Keep your hopes high.  

We will have a section-wise detailed analysis for you soon. Till then, keep your focus on this big weekend ahead. IPMAT Rohtak was a fantastic dress rehearsal for the D-day. 

IPMAT 2022 Exam Analysis: IIM Indore

Check out our Exam Analysis for IPMAT 2022 – IIM Indore.

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