Tips and Tricks for CAT 2021

About 53 students competing for just 1 seat in the IIMs make CAT a highly competitive exam. An outstanding CAT percentile along with splendid academic records is a sure-shot way to enter the IIMs. Hence, well-planned CAT exam preparation is paramount to enter the top B-schools. With only 2 months in hand, the best approach to ace the CAT 2021 is to narrow down the preparation strategy. This last lap requires candidates to capitalize on what they have learned in the past months.

While all 3 sections are equally important, the preparation strategy for each one is entirely different. This blog talks about useful tips and tricks that can smooth out your preparation for Quants, Verbal and logical reasoning, and data interpretation for the CAT exam.

CAT 2021: Sections Explained

Common admissions test 2021 is a computer-based MBA entrance exam to get into the top 20 IIMs and reputed B-schools in India. It is a 120 minutes exam comprising 76 questions. The CAT online exam will be held in 3 sections of 40 minutes each. The 3 sections are – Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation, and Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension. The below picture is a graphical description of the sections:



Image courtesy Bschool Careers360

Amongst all the 3 sections, Quant might scare some of the candidates, especially non-engineers. Yet with the right strategy and professional guidance, it is the easiest section to prepare for. The correct approach, section-wise preparation, and a go-getter mindset can pave your way to the IIMs.

How to Ace Quantitative Aptitude section in CAT 2021

The predefined structure (as shown below) of this section allows you to prepare for each topic strategically. Quant is a high-scoring subject and it only requires practice while following a few specific rules in mocks. Both combined will get you exam-ready in less than 2 months.

Mark Distribution of QA

Image Source – Insideiim

Here are some tips specifically compiled to ace your Quant preparation:

1. Focus on Accuracy

Increasing your accuracy to solve problems takes you a step ahead of your peers. From now on you should focus more on practicing old topics and less on learning new concepts. Practicing mock tests and topic-wise questions every day can improve your accuracy drastically.

2. Reduce Solution Time

Time management is one of the most important aspects of CAT preparation. If your accuracy is good, the solution time for each problem will automatically reduce. Focusing on calculation tricks and mental maths can help you to increase speed and to solve QA questions.

3.Learn Shortcuts

Quick shortcut tips come in handy when you know the basics well. Learning Shortcuts can help you solve quant questions more accurately in less time.

4. Dedicated Learning Material

Students tend to refer to multiple books while preparing for the CAT 2021 exam. However, different books use different techniques to solve a problem resulting in confusion. The Quant Booster from Endeavor careers is the ultimate guide to scale up your Quant preparation. It encompasses all the videos, theories, and mocks along with dedicated doubt resolution channels.

Tips & Tactics to Improve LRDI Score in CAT 2021

Many CAT aspirants believe LRDI to be the most challenging section of the CAT exam because of its unpredictability. However, regular practice and the LR-DI booster from Endeavor Careers can drastically improve your logical reasoning and data interpretation for the CAT. In addition to the tips given, refer to our LRDI Preparation Strategy which is a comprehensive guide to boost your preparation. The below pie chart shows an expected topic-wise distribution in the LRDI section:

Mark Distribution of DILR

Image source – Collegedekho

1. Tables on the Go

The questions in DI are calculation intensive. Thus, it is imperative to memorize tables, squares, cubes, square roots, percentages, and fractions. Keeping a ready reckoner handy can further help to improve mental maths.

2. Improve Thinking Ability

Since the section holds 32% of the weightage, improving your logical thinking ability is paramount to improvise in this area. There is no hard and fast rule or a predefined syllabus to prepare for LR which makes it even trickier.

3. 2-minute Rule

The 2-minute rule suggests that you must not spend more than 2 minutes on a question. If the question takes more than 2 minutes to solve, moving on to the next is a wise choice.

4. Refer to the Best Books

LRDI is an unpredictable section but can also be a game-changer in your CAT 2021 exam. You might refer to a lot of CAT study material but the questions in the exam might turn out to be altogether different. Thus, it is crucial to refer to the best LRDI books for CAT preparation. Here are two books you can refer to ace your LRDI preparation:

  • How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for CAT – By Arun Sharma (Published by McGraw Hill)
  • How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT – By Arun Sharma (Published by McGraw Hill)

Mastering the VARC Section for CAT 2021

With no specifically marked boundaries to the syllabus of the VARC section, it requires a lot of continuous practice and reading skills. Time management plays an important role here as the section is mostly perceived as dense and lengthy. An expected topic-wise distribution in the VARC section for CAT 2021 is shown below:

Topic wise distribution of VARC

Image Source – Collegedekho

The below tips help you to be prepared for all the uncertainties and surprises expected in the VARC section of the CAT 2021 exam.

1. Read, Read and Read

Extensively reading newspapers, magazines, novels, etc builds your reading speed. The articles in newspapers cover all types of genres that are similar to those of reading comprehension in the CAT 2021 exam.

2. Do not Speed read in RC’s

60% of the VARC section is reading comprehension, most of them being inference-based. Thoroughly reading the comprehension will help you understand the tone of the author and solve the questions correctly.

3. Vocab Booster

Boosting your vocabulary is another tactic to ace the VARC section of the CAT exam. To enhance your CAT coaching for VARC you can use our verbal booster and build your vocabulary in a short time. Learning a few words every day and using them in your daily conversations will help you master the VARC section.

Common tips for CAT 2021

CAT is the only gateway to enter the top B-schools in India. Currently, smart preparation is all you need to score a worthy percentile. To get all set for the big day, here are some common tips which will enhance your last-minute preparation.

1. CAT Mock Tests. 

The coming 2 months call for a lot of practice and mock tests. Our CAT online test series is the best way to practice topic-wise, sectional, and CAT mocks, and get a detailed analysis.

2. Analyze the Mistakes and Focus on Weak Areas

A detailed analysis of mock tests helps you to know your strengths and weaknesses. It paves the way for you to further strengthen your areas of expertise and correct your mistakes.

3. Elimination and Reverse Strategy

Some questions are well answered using these strategies. An elimination strategy is a process of eliminating the options one by one and then coming to an answer. A reverse strategy is to see the answer options first and then read the questions.

4. Previous year Exam Analysis

Apart from all the CAT preparation online, you should also analyze the previous year’s CAT exams. This helps you to understand the trend and get acquainted with the CAT exam pattern. Our analysis of the CAT 2020 Exam will help you formulate a robust time management strategy and widens the scope of your CAT study material.

Ace Your CAT 2021 preparation

The above tips are curated to ensure peak performance resulting in a healthy percentile. Utilize your precious time and take professional guidance from the reputed faculty of the Endeavor Careers to ace your CAT preparation. Get a personalized preparation experience along with one-to-one mentoring sessions aimed to keep you calm, motivated, and exam-ready for the coming CAT 2021.


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