Are you Struggling with CAT Mocks

Vishesh Garg who scored 99.9 percentile in CAT 2020 owes his success to mock tests and a thorough study plan. Attempting the CAT mock tests is a surefire way to crack the CAT 2021 exam. Mock tests act as a simulator to gauge your current preparation level and groom you for D-day.

With only 2 months in hand, your online cat coaching should center around the mock tests. But, if you are finding them challenging, you should not lose your calm. Every CAT aspirant faces similar challenges in the last two months of CAT preparation. Candidates should not take low scores in the CAT mock test as a knock-back. Instead, aspirants should analyze mistakes, re-strategize plans, and come up with better scores. To enhance your performance CAT 2021 Magic Toolkit from Endeavor Careers offers you end to end support from video lectures to mock analysis!

What is the purpose of CAT Mock Tests?

Taking the CAT mock test is vitally important for CAT aspirants as it provides a fair understanding of the CAT 2021 pattern and the marking scheme. It also helps them in identifying their weaknesses and analyzing their performance. Attempting the mock tests in a proctored environment gets aspirants accustomed to the pressure of being in supervision. To overcome the fear of actual CAT 2021, the candidates must start practicing mocks rigorously.

Reasons for Scoring Low in CAT Mocks

The mock tests are a part of your online CAT preparation aimed to prepare you for the real CAT 2021 exam. They are designed to be tougher than the CAT exam. The ideology behind this is to give you the idea of the minimum percentile you can score. Additionally, scoring low continually in CAT mock tests is more of a ripple effect. Some candidates keep getting worse with each mock test weakening their CAT exam preparation. This is because they succumb to pressure and get demotivated.

Scoring low in mock tests for a prolonged period of time can be a setback for some of the students. Yet, contemplating what is going wrong in their mock tests can shoot their percentile up. Hence, low scores should not be considered as a stumbling block. Instead, focusing on what went wrong and how you can improve, will help you ace the CAT test series.

How can you Increase Performance in CAT Mocks?

With only 2 months in hand, it is the ideal time to start taking the CAT mock tests. Moreover, improving your performance with each mock should be the primary goal of your CAT preparation online. You can apply the below methods to your preparation strategy and improve your mock score:

1. Give Your Mocks Frequently

Attempting enough mocks is the best way to prepare for the CAT 2021 exam. You should start off with the easier mocks and then progress towards the difficult ones. This will help you gain confidence and increase your performance. Giving about 3-4 mocks per week will give you a good time to improvise upon your weak areas. However, the number of mocks given doesn’t matter alone. Candidates should attempt a variety of questions to negate the possibility of surprise questions in the CAT 2021 exam. If you are looking for CAT coaching near me to give mocks, Endeavor Careers has got you covered. You can test your preparation by taking the All India Endeavor Open Mock in the coming weeks.

2. Analyse Your Mocks

Spending time on giving mock tests is a total waste if you don’t analyze them. Analyzing the CAT mock tests carries more importance than other aspects of your CAT Preparation. It helps you to understand your shortfalls and devise a new strategy. An ideal run-through of your CAT mocks should be in 3 steps:

  • Wrong Questions: Analyze the questions that went wrong from guesses and silly errors. Solve them again referring to the correct answers or take help from your online CAT coaching faculty. Analyze why you get them wrong and try not to repeat the same mistakes.


  • Unattempted Questions: Categorize the doable and non-doable questions amongst the unattempted questions. Solve all these questions in unlimited time and with a solution in hand. This will improve your selection of questions and you should be able to solve them in further exams.


  • Time-consuming Questions: The CAT mock tests might have some questions which were time-consuming. Refer to the solutions and figure out a better and faster way to solve such problems in the future.

3. Focus on Improving Accuracy

Accuracy is a key factor that can drastically improve your CAT percentile. The chances of scoring a good percentile are high if you reach an accuracy level of 90 percent. CAT mock tests enable you to practice more questions and analyze your mistakes. Giving more mocks will improve your accuracy and speed at the same time.

4. Set Weekly Milestones

Setting milestones motivates you and helps in aligning your priorities. You can set your goals in terms of your CAT mock test scores. The aim should be to improve the scores each week.  An ideal way to implement this is to document your goals, achievements, and failures. If the scores aren’t improving, you need to re-strategize your preparation plan. The milestones also help you to stick to the CAT 2021 preparation timetable. Getting consistent with your preparation plan plays a pivotal role in improving scores.

5. Revise Your Strategy

While you do your CAT preparation online amongst lakhs of students, make sure your strategy uniquely caters to your goals. Sticking to an age-old preparation strategy for the CAT 2021 exam holds no value if it is not giving you the intended results. One strategy can be to go through the questions first, choose which ones to answer, and then solve them. Another strategy can be to go ahead sequentially. Use initial mocks to experiment with different test strategies. Finally, determine a strategy that works the best for you and stick to that on the D-day. Asides, a 1-on-1 discussion with mentors or experts would definitely help the cause.

Ready to Ace the D-Day?

Implementing the above tips and reasonings will not only help you ace the CAT mock test series but also the final CAT 2021 exam. Endeavor Careers is your go-to guide providing the best CAT 2021 test series with dedicated doubt resolution sessions. Our top-rated faculty and unparalleled coaching skills make us one of the best Online CAT coaching institutes.

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