What is Endeavor’s monthly “GK Capsule”?

Started in June 2017, The “GK Capsule” is a monthly Current Affairs video by Endeavor Careers. It is released every month on Endeavor Careers’ YouTube channel. Since then it has become quite popular among the student fraternity with 5,00,000+ cumulative views on YouTube. Its curated playlist itself has acquired 75,000+ views which is a testimony in itself to the quality of the content. Check out the GK Capsule Video series playlist below.

What is the objective of GK Capsule?

The GK Capsule is envisaged as a snapshot of the important news events of the month in a simple & lucid form. The average duration of the video is 20 minutes. The idea is to increase the general awareness of the viewers and to make available a ready reference for the students for quick revision of monthly current affairs.

How does GK Capsule help in Exam preparation?

The GK Capsule is helpful for all the exams where Current Affairs questions are asked. The GK capsule summarises all the major news events of the month. The news relevant to various competitive exams is selected and converted into video format. This audio-visual treatment is easy for the students to follow and it also improves retention.

Which all categories are covered in the monthly “GK Capsule”?

Depending upon the importance of news, the various categories which are covered are:

  1. Awards & Recognitions
  2. Persons in News
  3. Places in News
  4. National News
  5. International News
  6. Business & Economy-related News
  7. Sports
  8. Science & Tech
  9. Miscellaneous News

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