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What are Endeavor’s Weekly Current Affairs?

Endeavor’s Weekly Current Affairs is a compilation of the most noteworthy news articles of the week. It brings all the relevant news articles/videos of the week to one place. It serves as a single point repository of weekly news for the students to follow and refer to.

What does Weekly Current Affairs cover?

The Weekly Current Affairs compiles the most important news articles, opinion pieces, editorial writings, and video features of the week in one single place. These areas covered include International News & Global Economy; National News & Domestic Economy; Business, Financial & Market-related News, Environment & Ecology and Sports, etc.

How does Weekly Current Affairs help?

By making all the relevant source material available at one single point, Endeavor’s Weekly Current Affairs saves time and effort for the students. It also helps in reducing clutter and information overload. Sources chosen are reliable & trusted so that students get the most updated and authentic information.

Following are Quick Links for all our Weekly Current Affairs blogs:

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