Mukul Bhambhani CAT Exam

Endeavor is not just an entrance exam preparation institute, its a place for learning, mentorship and creating lifelong bonds. The quality that sets Endeavor apart is their unique system of allotting batch mentors. Your mentor will not just ensure smooth scheduling of lectures, but will also be your point of constant contact with the institute and a one-stop solution to all your problems relating to CAT entrance exam preparation and B Schools. The teachers at Endeavor encourage you to learn from each other, which acts as a stepping stone to what you are going to do in your 2 years at B-School and then throughout your career. Endeavor conducts regular seminars like ‘All about B-Schools’, which help you understand the different career paths that you can pursue including niche roles that you can apply for only from specific B Schools. The course for preparation for entrance exams is designed in a systematic format which proceeds from basic to advanced. This holds immense value because after completing the basic level material, you can start taking mocks and assess your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, it teaches you the importance of targeting the easy questions from all the topics rather trying to solve all questions from specific topics. I personally believe that this is the best method for maximizing your score.