SLAT 2020 Exam Analysis

Overview of SLAT 2020 Analysis – Day 1

This year, due to Covid-19, most of the exams have changed their paper pattern and SLAT 2020 was no different. This time it was an internet-based online proctored test. It consisted of a 75 mins aptitude test followed by a 30 mins Written Ability Test.

Paper Pattern of SLAT 2020

Total questions: 75

Total Marks: 75

Total Time: 75 minutes (No sectional time limit)

Marking system: +1 for correct, 0 for incorrect

Section Number of questions Marks
Logical Reasoning 15 15
Legal Reasoning 15 15
Analytical Reasoning 15 15
Reading Comprehension 15 15
General Knowledge 15 15

SLAT 2020 Exam Analysis – Day 1

Section 1: Aptitude

  • Logical Reasoning:

This section consisted of 15 questions spread across topics like Puzzles/Arrangement, Number Series, Statement and Assumptions, Strong Argument and Weak Arguments and Assertion Reasoning. There were approximately 2-3 questions on each of these topics. SLAT has been in habit of asking based Vocabulary questions – Synonyms, Antonyms, Analogies – in this section. But, this year, probably due to the change in format, there were no such question.

Level of difficulty: Easy

Ideal time: 17 minutes

Good Genuine Attempts: 13+

Good score: 12+

  • Legal Reasoning:

There were 15 Questions. There were approximately 7 Questions based on Criminal Law, around 2 on each Torts, Constitution and Contract Law. Most of the questions in this section were principle based. Few questions were based on facts without principle and one question was based on assertion and reason, rest were simple knowledge-based questions. There was one question based on a recent landmark case.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Time to be allotted: 17 minutes

Ideal attempts: 13+

Ideal correct: 12+

  • Analytical Reasoning:

This section was on expected lines. Like last year too, this year the section had a mix of Quant and Reasoning questions. Questions based on Percentages, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Linear equation based on ages and Averages were easy to moderate. Questions based on missing numbers were time consuming as numbers given were in three digits. Apart from these, there were easy questions on Clocks, Calendar, Blood Relation, a set of 2 questions each on Puzzles and Direction sense.

Level of difficulty: Easy

Ideal time: 17 minutes

Good Genuine Attempts: 13+

Good score: 12+

  • Reading Comprehension:

This section consisted of 15 questions spread across 3 passages. There were two short passages of approximately 100 words and one passage of approximately 300 words. All 3 passages had at least one question which asked the test-taker to identify the meaning of a particular word used in the passage. In all there were 4 such questions. There was 1 “Title of the passage” question. Apart from these all other questions were direct and easy to attempt.

Level of difficulty: Easy

Ideal time: 15 minutes

Good Genuine Attempts: 13+

Good score: 11+

  • General Knowledge:

This section was along the expected lines. The questions were a mix of Current Affairs and Static GK. The current affairs questions were based on categories like – Persons in News, Places in News, Awards & Recognitions and Sports. There were two ‘match the columns’ type questions based on Books & Authors and Countries & Capitals. Except few tricky questions, rest of the questions were direct.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Ideal time: 5-7 minutes

Good attempts: 11+

Good score: 10+

Section 2: Written Ability Test (WAT)

After the Aptitude test, students were given 30 mins for WAT. The topics asked on the first day were:

  1. Privacy and Data Security do not always go together.
  2. Criminal and Corporate Liability and recent Vizag Gas tragedy.

The students were required to write an essay on any one of the above topics. It is clearly evident that through WAT, the SLAT authorities are trying to test not only the Writing skills of the students but also the understanding of Law with respect to the current events in our country.

OVERALL SLAT 2020 Exam Analysis – day 1

Section No. of Questions Level of Difficulty Ideal Time Good Attempts Good Score
Logical Reasoning 15 Easy 17 mins 13+ 12+
Legal Reasoning 15 Moderate 17 mins 13+ 12+
Analytical Reasoning 15 Easy 17 mins 13+ 12+
Reading Comprehension 15 Easy 17 mins 13+ 11+
General Knowledge 15 Moderate 5-7 mins 11+ 10+
Overall 75 75 mins 65+ 60+

SLAT 2020 Exam Video Analysis (Day 1)

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