What is Endeavor’s Newsmaker of the Week?

“Newsmaker of the Week” is weekly video series by Endeavor Careers. It’s a short-duration (average time – 3 minutes) video about an individual (Indian or International) who has been in the news that week. Get a glimpse of this video category below:

How do we choose a “Newsmaker of the Week”?

“Newsmaker of the Week” is a person who has done something significant in the week – in the field of politics, business, sports, social services or science & tech, etc. A list of all major newsmakers is prepared on a daily basis. At the end of the week, one person is chosen from this list after brainstorming to be declared as “Newsmaker of the Week”. Generally, someone with an inspiring achievement or someone whose action can have a significant long-term impact on the country/world/society is chosen as “Newsmaker of the Week”.

How does “Newsmaker of the Week” help?

“Newsmaker of the Week” series intends to help the viewers at three levels:

  1. To provide a quick summary about a person/event
  2. Persons are chosen for their exam relevance as the questions based on them may feature in a current affairs section of the competitive exam
  3. The achievements of selected persons can also act as a source of inspiration

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