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About Education Abroad

Endeavor Education Abroad Consulting is an end-to-end admissions assistance service by Endeavor, the market leader in preparation for international standardized tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.

Students who have the vigor to pave their own success journey are the ideal candidates for the study abroad programs. You need to be punctual with your study routine and smart with your prep strategy for securing admission to Ivy League schools. It’s a life-changing opportunity that comes with several additional benefits like lucrative placement opportunities, scholarships, and more. Endeavor Careers helps you get admission to various Ivy League Universities, thanks to our expert faculties and education abroad consulting program. We offer personalized mentorship to each candidate alongside end-to-end assistance for drafting the perfect SOP (Statement of Purpose) customized for different foreign educational institutes. We give it our all to ensure we live up to your expectations, and your admission is our responsibility once you join us.

The services included under our Education Abroad Consulting are:

1) Candidate profiling and identifying programs that suit the candidate’s requirements

2) Assistance with every step of the application process

3 Customized Statement of Purpose/B-school essays

4) Individualized Letters of Recommendation inputs

5) Assistance with documents after admits, including I-20

6) Guidance regarding financial assistance including Education Loans

7) Student Visa assistance including interview preparation

8) Forex Services guidance

Why choose Endeavor for Study Abroad?

Best Students to Admits ratio with 200% Sucess Rate till date and Minimum 2 admits per student

13 Ph.D. admits among 5 students in 2018

30+ Students with Scholarships and Tuition waiver including 100% Scholarship in 2018

180+ Admits in top 25 Programs in 2018 across the US, Europe, Canada, Asia Pacific, and Australia

End-to-End Support and Personalized Mentoring

Customized Statement of Purpose (SOP) – To bring out the best in your profile

Global application assistance

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