In a series of two blogs, you would find answers to the most frequently asked questions about GPA. In the first part, basic questions like what is GPA, ECTS, CGPA, CPI and accurate calculations of GPA were discussed. You could revisit that part here. Let’s get started with the second and final part.

I found a converter/basis of conversion on XYZ website. Can I use it?

If it is neither an NACES evaluator website, nor a university website, please do not use it. There are websites and images on Google that show that a percentage of less than 65 is equal to a GPA of 1.0 which is totally wrong. For example, the image below will not be very helpful to you because it gives you a range of points, and you cannot get a reliable estimate.

Is evaluation compulsory only for US?

No, evaluation is not compulsory for US. You will know whether an evaluation is necessary for your application when you look up the application requirements of your program. Usually, WES evaluations are compulsory for programs in Public Health, Healthcare Management and allied fields i.e. programs that you must apply through SOPHAS or HAMPCAS.

No, even some programs in Canada ask for an evaluation.

No, even German programs have now made evaluation mandatory, although German programs require evaluations be done by Uni-Assist, not the regular evaluators listed above.

What if I don’t want to get an evaluation done?

If it is compulsory for the program you are applying to, there is no exception. You can simply avoid applying to that program.

How does the evaluation work?

Read on the specific evaluator’s website.

Any other way of converting grades?

Many programs have their internal calculators for GPA. For example, University of Florida gives you a calculator within the application once you reach the academic qualifications page. Many other programs strictly forbid any third party evaluation, because these programs have their own internal evaluation mechanisms.

So if I submit an evaluation, will it help my application?

As explained above, No. Only if your GPA is borderline and you want to check whether you meet the requirements of the university, you should get an assessment done for your satisfaction, regardless of university requirement.

I have completed my Masters also. So should I calculate the average of both?

No. If your program asks for undergraduate GPA, it is strictly your bachelor degree grades. If you finished a Masters because you had a three year bachelor degree and you had to meet the 4-year degree requirement of your particular program, please enter both grades separately – the program will calculate the total grade. Else, send an email to admissions to confirm whether they require a third party evaluation.

That’s it for Part Two. If you have more doubts, you could comment below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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