Students across the country are always looking for opportunities that will prove to be the best for their careers. Having a degree in your desired field requires tremendous effort from your side. Also, what’s better than seeking the best guidance, support, and educational services from the experienced and alumni of the top schools located across India. At Endeavor Careers, the main aim is to spread the coaching and educational services and help the students make the most of it. Having its main branch in Ahmedabad, India, the professional teachers who are alumni of the recognized institutions are taking the quality of the services to the next level. So much so that the voice is being spread through various verticals by Endeavor in News.

endeavor in news: boosting our foundation

This is helping the students learn about the coaching institutes that are growing many folds across the country, as well as, letting the students plan their futuristic step amid the scares and volatility related to the pandemic. Also, the experts that are a part of this excellent service help in updating about the ongoing trends in various industries.

From topper interviews to exam analysis, Endeavor has a strong presence across leading media publications PAN India.  Through the curated information, Endeavor Careers even rolls out predictions related to the percentages and college cutoffs to provide quality services, strategies, and study plans accordingly. 

Our remarkable mentions 

Even the prestigious words and ideas regarding education, budget, and related topics have been published under columns of many daily pioneers. It includes India Today, Indian Express, NDTV, blogs like Shiksha, and other platforms like Careers 360 and magazines like Higher Education Plus. Also, through the information provided by the team at the Endeavor Careers, we aim to spread a positive yet focused aura that will help us target the students. Also, help them step forward towards a life where they can see their dreams turning into reality. 

Endeavor in News | February 2022

Ahmedabad Mirror | IIMA Sends Call Letters To 1,403 Candidates

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), on Tuesday issued call letters to 1,403 candidates qualifying for the second round of admission— Analytical Writing Test (AWT) and Personal Interview (PI) — for its prestigious PGP programme.
IIMA officials said about 60% of them are from the engineering background, 3.54% from science, 22.52% from commerce and 13.82% from the arts background.

Endeavor in News | January 2022

Ahmedabad Mirror | IIMA Tweaks Admission Norms

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) has decided not to consider graduation marks in the Academic Rating (AR), based on which it shortlists candidates, apart from Common Admission Test (CAT)-2021, for the second round of admission to its prestigious PGP programme 2022-24.
An IIMA official told Mirror, “Most universities could not conduct final exams in the last two years due to Covid and gave pass/promotion certificates based on different parameters. Hence, the CAT Committee of 2021 allowed candidates to take CAT 2021 without requiring any minimum percentage in their bachelor’s degree. On account of this, the Admissions Committee of IIM Ahmedabad has decided to do away with the bachelor’s degree component from the shortlisting criteria. The AR now will be computed on a scale of 25 (considering class 10 marks, class 12 marks and candidate’s work experience) and the points will be pro-rated to 35.”

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Vivek Tuteja, Director of Endeavor Careers, said, “This means only 10th and 12th marks will be considered. It is a good decision to ensure students are at parity, irrespective of graduation exam/result status. This will have a minor positive impact for freshers getting calls as average scores in graduation tend to be lower than average SSC / HSC scores.”Read more here.  

Endeavor In News | May 2021

Ahmedabad Mirror | Endeavorian Shwetal Patel in News

Call for diversity at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), is not new. Engineers traditionally dominate the premier B-School’s classrooms, but the 2021-2023 batch of the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) has seen a significant dip in their numbers. In another trend, more girls have made it to the PGP course this year, bringing in academic diversity and upping the gender ratio.
According to IIMA officials, of the total 429 students making it to the PGP this year, 119 (27.47%) are females and 310 (72.16%) males. In the 2020-22 batch, the figure was 97 females (22.56%) and 333 males (77.44%) in a batch of 430.

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Engineers are lesser in number this year than the last. In the 2021-23 batch, 322 (75%) engineering graduates made the cut against 341 (79%) in 2020-22. The number of commerce graduates has also increased from 70 (16.27%) in the previous batch to 78 (18%) in the new batch. The number of Arts graduates remains the same at 19 (4.42%) in 2021-23 compared to 19 (4.41%) in the last batch.

The perceptible change in the new batch is evident despite the CAT percentile improving this year compared to the last. In the 2021-23 batch, 88.32 is minimum CAT percentile (for general category) and 100 perfect score as maximum CAT percentile. The minimum CAT percentile was 87.43 (general category) and 100 perfect score as maximum CAT percentile in 2020-22. Read more here.  

Endeavor In News | January 2021

Higher Education Plus | Prudent, Practical, and Positive Budget

Indian Budget 2021 comes at an anvil of COVID led lockdown dismantling years of effort to create a business ecosystem followed by a renewed effort to create a fresh ecosystem on the existing framework in a completely new environment with new Norms.

The government of India prudently stayed away from providing fiscal stimulus in 2020 post-Covid 19 after mar allowing the market forces to find a balance assisted by monetary stimulus provided by Government and RBI. This in a way ensured struggling / inefficient units already in bad shape post demonetization and GST rollout to wind up shop, further leading to a swarm of bad loans in NBFC Books. Big Corporates flushed with funds and capability to raise funds swiftly created new structures & entered new product lines leading to capturing of larger mind and market share, palpably visible by the excitement of the stock markets at the anvil of the most destructive year in GDP growth rate terms in our recorded economic history.

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2020 also gave India a Trade Surplus and by the end of the year GST collections also started touching record numbers indicating that is more likely to be a V shape recovery, further giving confidence to the finance minister to deliver what has the potential to be a landmark budget in comparison to what we have seen in some time.

As expected, the top Agenda would be to drive domestic production and push “atmanirbhar bharat”, yet another effort to boost domestic production and manufacturing. Read more here.  

India Today | CAT 2020 exam over: What’s next?

If this saying does not fit an MBA Aspirant’s situation right now, I don’t know what does!? MBA entrance exams come with a lot of surprises; the results are unpredictable. After the CAT exam has concluded, a lot of aspirants may find themselves with unexpected results. A lot of coaching institutes roll out varying predictions about percentiles and cutoffs for colleges, which may confuse the students further. Sometimes, students feel like the game has slipped through the fingers, and they don’t know what to do next!

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Well, this is not the end; CAT is over, but an MBA aspirant’s ability to get into a good B-school is not. Not so surprisingly, and I can quote from experience, students still have a huge chance of getting into good B-schools through exams like XAT, NMAT, SNAP which give a student a chance to still have a great shot. Read more here.  

Dalal Street Investment Journal | India’s Best Business Schools Beyond IIMs

How is MBA relevant in the post-pandemic world? 

Let us first start by examining what the pandemic has taught us. I have 10 points to share:

• Our world is interconnected and all of us, including our economy and political systems are interconnected.
• We adopted social distance but realised the importance of social interactions and human touch.
• We are adaptive, at least got forced to be adaptive.
• Working from home and learning from home is the new mantra.

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• Boosting localism, zero contact e-commerce has come to the fore.• We have understood the importance of family time, have got back to old hobbies and have also learned to help with the household work.
• There is now a greater awareness of pollution after seeing the wonderfully clear blue sky.
• We have understood the preciousness of life.
• Humanity certainly exists. Look at the pandemic warriors and how they have been fighting the disease. This has helped us raise our voice for social justice.
• We are now in a phase of healthy living with change in lifestyle and better hygiene.

Read more here.  

EDEX Live | CLAT 2021 postponed to June 13 to avoid clash with CBSE exams: Higher anxiety levels, uncertain about their future say students

This year’s Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) has been rescheduled to June 13 in order to avoid a clash with the Central Board of Secondary Education Exams 2021, whose revised dates were announced last week. The law entrance examination was earlier scheduled on May 9 but now instead it would be conducted on June 13, 2021, as a lot of students raised concerns about the CBSE exams and CLAT falling on the same day. The CBSE boards are being held from May 4 to June 10, 2021.

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The decision to postpone the CLAT exam was taken during the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Consortium of National Law Universities held on January 6. “The Executive Committee of the Consortium of National Law Universities met on January 6, 2021, to consider rescheduling the date of the CLAT 2021 exam due to clashes with the CBSE Board examination schedule announced last wee. The date for CLAT 2021 has been rescheduled to Sunday, June 13 from 2 pm to 4 pm. The UG and LLM exams shall be conducted on this date,” an official release from the CNLU stated.

Read more here.  

Jagran Josh | CAT 2020 Topper Interview

CAT 2020 Topper Interview – Prasad Doshi, has achieved 99.97 score in the CAT exam that was conducted on 29th November 2020. The path to achieve 99+ percentile is not an easy one. It takes sheer dedication and perseverance to achieve 99+ in the CAT exam. Find out success mantra of Prasad and how he managed to score 99+ percentile in the CAT 2020 exam.

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CAT 2020 Topper Interview – Prasad Doshi

Congratulations on scoring 99.97percentile! What are your overall and sectional scores in CAT 2020? Percentile in VA, DILR and QA – 98.43, 99.93, 99.91 respectively.

When did you start your CAT 2020 Preparation? What is the ideal time required to complete the CAT syllabus before the exam? I started my preparation in June. I reckon you require from 6 months to 1 year depending on where you stand and how much effort you can put in preparation daily.

Read more here.  

Hans India | India’s primary education needs a boost in the upcoming budget

In the interim budget for 2019-2020, the union government had allocated Rs 93,847.64 crore for the education sector. The expectations of the sector in 2021 is of major reforms since it went through upheavals last year, owing to the pandemic. “Indian Budget 2021 comes at the anvil of COVID led lockdown dismantling years of effort to create a business ecosystem followed by a renewed effort to create a fresh ecosystem on the existing framework in a completely new environment with new Norms. Show More

Education will see the government pushing NEP roll out and incentivize ed-tech. The Government should not let this go of this opportunity and push larger public-private partnerships in both education and healthcare and create incentives to drive CSR Budgets in this direction,” said Vivek Tuteja, Chairman and mentor, Endeavor Careers.
Read more here.  

Daily Pioneer | Education and Budget

Careers 360 | IIFT 2021 Exam Analysis By Endeavor Careers

IIFT 2021 Exam Analysis

Shiksha | IIFT 2021 Analysis by Endeavor Careers

IIFT 2021 Exam Analysis

Jagran Josh | IIFT 2021 Analysis by Endeavor Careers

IFT 2021 Exam Analysis

Endeavor In News | December 2020

Careers 360 | MAH CET MBA 2020 Topper Harsh Shah says, “Be consistent in your preparation”

MAH CET MBA 2020 Topper Interview Harsh Shah, 99.99 Percentile – Being amongst the top rankers and scoring a 99.99 percentile is a dream come true for any candidate in a competitive exam. Similar is the case with MAH CET MBA 2020 Topper Harsh Shah who got an AIR 4 in one of the toughest state level entrance exams as he aspires to make his way to one of the top B-Schools like JBIMS. Being an intriguing person , Harsh after completing his engineering was always eager to pursue a management degree. By being amongst the toppers, this young boy shares his preparation strategy for the MAH CET MBA 2020 exam which can prove beneficial for future management aspirants also. Read the full interview of MAH CET MBA 2020 Topper Harsh Shah to know how he cracked other exams and what he did to beat the stress and the message that he has for the future aspirants.

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Careers360: Congrats for scoring 99.99 percentile at MH CET 2020. How does it feel? Were you expecting this result?
Harsh Shah:
 Thanks a lot. It feels absolutely amazing to see the fruits of my labour. Can’t put into words how special that moment was when I saw the scorecard. After the MAH CET MBA 2020 test I definitely felt confident about my attempt but getting a 99.99 percentile and securing AIR 4 was a big pleasant surprise. Read more here.  

India Today | How to crack MBA interview for B-school admission

Now that the testing season comes to an end and most of you looking forward to prestigious calls as you take the final few exams it’s imperative that you move your focus to the final frontier – the interview stage of the MBA admissions.

Any premier B-school is looking for a student with the right attitude to excel, thorough on his concepts, ability to handle pressure, socially aware, self-aware, and goal-oriented to say among other life skills once aptitude and academics are taken care of.

Essentially this breaks the question into bouquet depending on the individual: Show More

Bouquet 1 – Academic and Job Profile: Academic excellence and profile make the bulk of questions in the top B-School interview. Similarly, the co-curricular and in area of work experience clarity is expected and the aspirant should have displayed sincerity/excellence in the same. The aspirant needs to be aware of the latest happenings around in the subject/domain of choice. A focused preparation with an interview date insight is essential to be on the top of the game here. Read more here.  

Higher Education Plus Magazine | Studying in US in Biden’s Times

Endeavor in News

Read it here (Visit page no. 19)

Endeavor In News | November 2020

Careers 360 | CAT 2020 Exam Analysis By Endeavor Careers

CAT 2020 Exam Analysis

Shiksha | CAT 2020 Analysis by Endeavor Careers: Slot 1, 2 and 3

CAT 2020 Exam Analysis

NDTV | CAT 2020 Paper Analysis: Section-Wise Analysis Of Slot 1, 2 and 3

Unlike previous years, CAT 2020 was held for two hours. The paper, instead of 100, had only 76 questions distributed in a 26-24-26 format over the three sections.

The Indian Institute of Management Indore today conducted the IIM entrance test, CAT 2020, in three shifts. The third shift ended at 6:30 pm. Unlike previous years, CAT 2020, following strict health and safety measures, was held for two hours. The general consensus is that the difficulty level in slot 1 was “moderate” and the next two were tougher. Instead of 100, the paper had only 76 questions distributed in a 26-24-26 format over the three sections. There are three sections in the CAT 2020 paper — Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Quantitative Aptitude. (VARC – 26 questions, LRDI – 24 questions, Quant – 26 questions). Show More

CAT Slot 1 Analysis 2020
According to Srinivas Belvi, academic head – South, Endeavor Careers, CAT 2020 morning slot had a balanced paper.

“Someone with adequate preparation would have handled this paper with ease. There were no glitches or any kind of lapses with respect to test administration,” Mr Belvi said.

According to students, the VARC section was “difficult”, DILR was “easy” and the quants section was “easy”. Read more here.  

Indian Express | CAT 2020 HIGHLIGHTS: Amid pandemic, 83.5% attendance registered

CAT 2020 Exam Analysis HIGHLIGHTS: The Indian Institute of Management (Indore) Common Admission Test (CAT 2020) was held today. A total of 2.27 lakh (2,27,835) had applied to appear for the entrance exam this year which are conducted at 156 test cities.

Paper analysis of slot 2
Srinivas Belvi, Academic Head – South, Endeavor Careers reviewed slot 2 as similar to slot 1. “Slot 2 was quite similar to slot 1 both with respect to difficulty level and distribution of questions. However it was notch difficult when compared with slot-1 primarily because of scaling up the difficulty level of reading comprehension and DILR,” Srinivas Belvi said. Show More

How was the paper (slot 1)?
CAT 20 morning slot was a balanced paper both with respect to difficulty level as well as number of questions. There were 76 questions with about 20 TITA questions. Below is the beak up.

LRDI- 24 | Quant- 26 | Verbal- 26

Someone with adequate preparation would have handled this paper with ease. There were no glitches and any kind of lapses with respect to test administration. -Srinivas Belvi, Academic Head – South, Endeavor Careers. Read more here.  

NDTV | CAT 2020 Paper Analysis: Students Found Slot 1 Exam “Moderate”

CAT 2020 Paper Analysis: The first shift of CAT 2020 ended at 10:30 am. As per students who wrote the exam, the paper’s level of difficulty was “moderate”. The exam was conducted over two hours and the CAT exam paper is divided into three sections — Quantitative Ability (QA), Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), and Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR). The time duration of the exam is two hours.

According to Srinivas Belvi, academic head – South, Endeavor Careers, CAT 2020 morning slot had a balanced paper both with respect to difficulty level as well as number of questions.

“Someone with adequate preparation would have handled this paper with ease. There were no glitches & any kind of lapses with respect to test administration,” Mr Belvi said. Read more here.

Jagran Josh | Endeavor Careers Releases CAT 2020 Slot 1, 2 & 3 Analysis, Expected Percentile

Slot 1

Slot 2

Slot 3

 The Hans India | CAT 2020 leaves many students baffled

Common Admission Test 2020 held at 156 centers across the country on Sunday threw up major surprises. As many as 2,27,835 candidates registered for the test.

Explaining the VARC (Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension) section Vijitha Kamath – Product Head – Verbal Ability, Endeavor Careers said, “With 18 questions spread across four RCs’ (Reading Comprehension), this section provided some challenge to the candidates. The RCs were around 450 to 550 words in length, with two RCs carrying five questions each and two carrying four questions each. Show More

The density of language and the closeness of options required students to spend more time reading them and regressing to get the answers. The RC topics were science – the evolution of elephants and seals to an improved biological state, political science – a discussion of anarchism with reference to European anarchism versus American anarchism, language – language, grammar and communication, and economics – textile as currency.”

Srinivas Belvi, Academic Head – South, Endeavor Careers stated that though Slot 2 was quite similar to slot 1 both with respect to difficulty level and distribution of questions. “However it was notch difficult when compared with slot-1 primarily because of scaling up the difficulty level of reading comprehension and DILR.” Read more here.  

Business Standard | CAT’s out of the bag: It’s shorter yet tougher

Endeavor in News

The Hans India | Last minute tips for CAT 2020 (important as the exam is on Sunday)

2,27,835 candidates have registered for the CAT-exam 2020 scheduled on Sunday, November 29. Last year, 2,44,000 candidates registered for the CAT-2019 exam. Shivam Joshi – Mentor in Chief – Quant, Endeavor Careers with 13 years of experience in CAT coaching have the last-minute tips for the aspirants.


Eat Healthily, Drink Healthy: Get up in time and follow your morning routine of exercise. Read Newspaper for half an hour to get your mind going and drop any lethargy. Eat good, eat on time. Consume light nutritious food and avoid heavy meals. Drink good, drink on time, and keep yourself hydrated.
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Don’t be anxious: Anxiety is when the mind is not sure of the outcome and it pulls one down. Meditate, Exercise, Read, listen to music or Simple, deep breathing exercise whatever works for you. Stay away from negativities and preserve your confidence in the run-up to the exam.

During Exam:

Time management: It is a commonly known fact that CAT 2020 will have 3 sections and 120 minutes. On the instructions page, look to find out the number of questions per section. Once you know that, the next goal is to plan the maximum number of attempts from the section within the stipulated 40 minutes. One should ensure that he/she reaches till the end of the section.
Read more here.  

Times Now & India Today | CAT 2020: Last-minute tips for every CAT aspirant to ace exam

CAT 2020 exam: Let’s look at some last-minute tips that may come more than handy for every CAT aspirant:

CAT is continuing its tradition of hitting the calendar year in the month of November this year as well though a truncated 2-hour format and in 3 slots that will be conducted on 29th November 2020 across the country. A serious taker would be excited for the day as he would have acquired the required set of skills, concepts, and temperament for the final day!

On the day of the CAT exam

Eat healthy, drink healthy:

Get up in time and follow your morning routine of exercise. Read Newspaper for half an hour to get your mind going and drop any lethargy. Eat good, eat on time. Consume light nutritious food and avoid heavy meals. Drink good, drink on time, and keep yourself hydrated.

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What to carry, what not:

Travel light. Sanitizer, Photo ID and admit card are all you need to carry. Do not wear a wristwatch or any jewelry at all. If you are carrying a cell phone, make sure to keep it in the vehicle before you enter the test center. Carry 2 simple pens and a transparent water bottle.

Wear a mask, carry gloves, hand sanitizer (50 ml) and maintain social distance at all the time! Reach well in time, sanitize yourself and your surrounding, and settle down at least 10 mins before the slot begins.

Read more here.  (India Today) .

Times Now  | Do’s and Don’ts, last-minute CAT 2020 tips to crack admission to IIMs

Common Admission Test, CAT 2020 would be conducted, as per schedule on November 29, 2020. No matter how dramatic the year has been so far (and how it will pan out in the next 35 days!), no matter how pivotal this set of events will be for mankind for the next few generations to come, CAT is continuing its tradition of hitting the calendar year in the month of November this year as well.

Due to the pandemic, CAT would be conducted in a truncated 2-hour format and in 3 slots. If you have pursued your CAT preparation seriously and have done the right things at the right time (learning, practicing, testing, and analysis), then you would have acquired the required set of skills, concepts, and temperament for the final day! Trust yourself and your preparation as you enter the final lap towards the run-up to CAT. Show More

Let’s look at the rights to follow and wrongs to avoid during the final days and on the day of CAT

The day before CAT 2020

Keep it a light practice day. By now you would have adjusted your body clock to CAT time and ideally, you should do something focused in the same slot to ensure you are getting in momentum. Don’t overexert yourself. After practicing countless mocks, you are ready. So, plan your day in advance.   Revise important concepts/formulae of quant, practice 2-3 sets of DL&LR, 2-3 RCs, and a few non-RC questions. Get your daily dose of newspaper, current affairs, and reading. Get in the groove! Plan your strategy for your possible number of questions.

The night before CAT 2020

Pay close attention to the address of the test center (a city may have multiple test center and you ensure that you reach the right one) and search it through GPS if you are not sure about the location and route. Losing your way to the test center is the last thing that you want on such a critical day! Read more here.  

The Hans India | Online applications for IIFT MBA program open

Online application for the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) MBA program 2021 is now open. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts IIFT entrance exam online for candidates interested in pursuing its flagship program – Master of Business Administration in International Business (MBA-IB)

Talking about strategy for the test Jaimin Shah, Senior Mentor – Endeavor Careers explains, “Read the instructions carefully. IIFT surprises every time with a change in paper pattern and marking scheme. This is where half the battle is won. A candidate will have 15 minutes after reading the instructions to devise a strategy. But skim through the entire paper and then start with your strengths, because it gives a morale boost that makes the second half easy to attempt. Show More

If one does not know the answer, skip, and come back if there is still time in the end. Practice an adequate number of IIFT mocks that throw different patterns. Focus on speed and accuracy in solving the questions in mocks.

“To prepare for the IIFT entrance test, one should formulate a section-wise strategy because sectional scores play an important role in one’s selection for GD/PI. The ideal strategy would be spending 15-20 minutes in each section (5-7 minutes in the GK section) if the IIFT 2021 has 4 sections (10-15 minutes if it has 6 sections). This would be more than sufficient to clear the sectional cut-offs, which are generally low. Also, the aspirant should keep in mind that even after attempting half of the total questions in the exam, one can fetch a percentile of 98-99 with 80-85% accuracy,” he adds. Find more about the article here.    

The Tribune India | IIFT 2020 – GK score can be the game-changer

The IIFT entrance exam is just like any other MBA entrance exam but there are a few unique aspects of it that need to be considered while preparing for the exam.

How to attempt the paper? 

Read the instructions carefully. IIFT surprises every time with a change in the paper pattern and its marking scheme. This is where half the battle is won. You will have 15 minutes after reading the instruction to devise your strategy.

Skim through the entire paper and then start with your strong areas, as it boosts your morale making the second half easy to attempt. If you do not know the answer, then skip, and come back at the end if you have time. Show More

Practice an adequate number of IIFT mocks providing different patterns. Focus on speed and accuracy in solving the questions in mocks.

To prepare for the IIFT entrance test, one should formulate a section-wise strategy as sectional scores play an important role in one’s selection for the GD/PI.

The ideal strategy would be spending 15-20 minutes in each section (5-7 minutes in the GK section) if the IIFT 2021 has 4 sections (10-15 minutes if it has 6 sections).

This would be more than sufficient to clear the sectional cut-offs, which are generally were low.

In the IIFT 2020  paper, one could have cleared the Quant sectional cut-off by attempting 6-7 questions, DILR sectional cut-off by attempting 8-9 questions, VARC sectional cut-off by attempting 13-14 questions, and GK sectional cut-off by attempting 5-6 questions.

However, that is not enough since the overall cut-off is almost double the cumulative sectional cut-off.  Click to continue reading more about pro-tips to crack IIFT 2020 exam. 

India Today Education | Last minutes tips for CAT 2020

Endeavor In News | October 2020

India Today Aspire | Is online education a new way of life?

Careers 360 | CAT 2020 Preparation Strategy – Important Tips

CAT 2020 Preparation Strategy – Planning to prepare for CAT 2020? Wondering how to make a proper CAT preparation strategy? If you are thinking of the time when you will start your preparation, then the best time to prepare for CAT 2020 is now. Every single candidate who registers for the CAT entrance exam hopes to crack the toughest exam with great marks. But the question is- how to start the preparation and what preparation strategy of CAT 2020 will be useful enough to name on the merit list of IIMs? Careers360 in this video will tell you simple and easy to make and follow the CAT 2020 preparation strategy.

India Education Diary | 30% flat Scholarship for the aspirants

Endeavor has announced a 30% flat scholarship across its Live Courses, Comprehensive Self Learning Courses, and the Advantage Audio Visual Courses.

Read more here.

The Hans India | Online Classes part of a new way of life

The pandemic has brought a new paradigm shift in the dissemination of education. In order to maintain the flow of teaching the academic institutions have switched to the online method of teaching, the decision that has received applause as well as its share of criticism. Vivek Tuteja, Chairman and mentor, Endeavor Careers talks to The Hans India on the burgeoning issue of the online mode of teaching. 

1. Is online education the future or if we can say a new way of life?

It’s part of the new way of life. In the new world of 4G connectivity and reduced physical interaction what educators have realized how blocked, they were in their mindset vis a vis traditional delivery tools are concerned. What we will see emerging now is students as a consumer of the content become more aware and confident on how he learns.  Consequently, we will see a lot of dispensation to move to high quality pre-recorded videos, interactive online lectures, personalized coaching, and traditional feel and experience classroom learning.
Read more here.   Vivek Tuteja


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Careers 360 | Change in CAT 2020 Exam pattern a welcome change

The CAT 2020 exam pattern has undergone a major change with the duration of the entrance test being reduced to two hours from the regular three hours. Right now the candidates are still wondering if there will also be a reduction in the total number of questions in each section. 

In this regard, Vivek Tuteja, Chairman and CEO of Endeavor Careers says though there might be fewer questions it is difficult to predict as in the past also there have been 60 questions which the candidates had to answer. Read more here.  

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The Hans India | Experts hail CET

Common Eligibility Test (CET) for recruitment to non-gazetted posts in Central government and public sector banks from 2021, announced by the government in March, is welcomed by education experts. The aim of the CET is to do away with multiple examinations conducted by several agencies. With the Union Cabinet giving its approval, the Union government is all set to hold CET through National Recruitment Agency to fill vacancies in public sector banks, railways, and State & Central bodies.

Vivek Tuteja, chairman, CEO, and chief mentor at Endeavor Careers, feels that CET will give a fair chance to all candidates.

“Standardized testing across positions and geographies will create ease of access and give a fair chance to all candidates. Candidates now will have to target specific scores in only one exam, which will become a benchmark across vacancies. The chaos of different exams and syllabus will no longer prove stressful and job aspirants can singularly focus on the exam with clear patterns and syllabus and will be able to apply for multiple jobs,” he explains. Read more here

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India Today | How Non-Engineers Can Crack CAT Exam

What it takes an engineer to crack a CAT is what will it take a non-engineer to crack CAT. Mettle! A simple answer to this question is to develop the mettle not just for CAT but also for interviews.

Let’s assume the non-engineer is targeting CAT 2021 and has 14 months of preparation.

For simplicity lets the contents of this article in 3 parts. Why? What? and How?

Why is the most neglected question a future MBA aspirant should focus his energy on?

This comes to haunt him in his interview stage and even during his career if one is approaching the career superficially. “Why MBA?” – The aspirant will have to find his answer or at least understand what the degree opens doors to. I would recommend 2 hours a week to be spent on being more aware of such opportunities.

This is a continuous research habit one should develop. This will involve reading on business magazines to be more aware about business environment and Who’s Who.

It shall also involve understanding the b-school course, start-ups, and outlier achievers. An answer to this question is not essential but understanding what value B-School will add is imperative if one is taking it as a stepping stone for a successful satisfying career rather than a higher paycheque in 2024. Read more here.

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Endeavor In News | September 2020

Time of India | Yash Gandhi an Endeavorian defies cerebral palsy & dyslexia to make it to IIM

Yash needs the services of a scribe to take written examinations. He limps but dares to travel by local train in Mumbai. His speech is slurred but his emotions convey his thoughts with utmost clarity.

If you thought cracking CAT was challenging, 21-year-old Yash Avadhesh Gandhi’s journey to IIM-Lucknow should count as an epic story of triumph against all odds. 

Yash has cerebral palsy, dyslexia, and dysarthria, a condition that weakens the muscles we need for speech. But none of these conditions could prevent him from acing CAT-2019 with a percentile score of 92.5. Making it to IIM-Lucknow under the persons with disabilities quota for the academic session 2020-22, the gritty and gregarious Mumbaikar couldn’t be happier. “I am delighted to be a part of IIM-L,” Yash, who has been attending online classes from home since last month, told TOI. Read more here 

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Endeavor In News | April 2020

Endeavor Careers launches a free unique digital symposium on New-Age Careers after Class 12th.

Endeavor conducts the Biggest Online All India Open Mock CLAT and IPMAT 2020

Endeavor in News | January 2020

Indian Express | CAT 2019: Around 60 students from Gujarat get 99 percentile

Sawan Rathi, general manager at Endeavor Careers, a private training center for MBA entrance exams, said, “We have seen a lot of progress in results compared to past years.”

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Around 60 students from Gujarat scored 99 percentile in the Common Admission Test (2019), results of which were declared by the Indian Institute of Manage-ment, Kozhikode on Saturday. Forty of them are from Ahmedabad, six from Gandhinagar, three from Rajkot, around five from Surat and, six from Vadodara. 

Abhishek Mawandiya, a third-year bachelor’s student of Commerce from Ahmedabad University, said, “I am trying to get admission in top three IIMs. I would prefer to go to the corporate sector. On average, I used to study for more than three hours a day. My parents were not surprised but very happy, as they knew I worked hard. My cousin who graduated from IIM-A has been a role model for me.” Read more here 

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Ahmedabad Mirror | Perfect CAT for SVNIT student

Rishi Mittal, SVNIT student, Being among the toppers, wishes to make it to IIM-Ahmedabad and IIM-Bangalore, the top two business schools in India. “The two institutes have a great alumni network and a legacy that will help me apart from a quality education that the institutes provide,” he said.

Among those scoring well include those who are yet to appear for the final year of graduate degree this summer. They will be readying to make it to IIMs as soon as they complete their bachelor’s degree. Manish Shah, a tutor at a coaching center said that of the students enrolled with them, 80 percent of students are the ones pursuing final year study in various courses.  

Ahmedabad University student Abhishek Mawandiya (20) who is pursuing the final year of Bachelor of Commerce has scored 99.98 percentile. Mawandiya who completed his schooling at Maharaja Agrasen School is a son of academicians – his father is a faculty member at Nirma University and mother a teacher at Anand Niketan, Shilaj campus. “Data Interpretation was one of the weak subjects I worked hard to improve. This was the only demotivating factor while preparing for CAT. Juggling between classrooms in college, tutorials, and preparing on my own was challenging,” Mawandiya said. He depended on mock tests to improve his scores, studied for 5 to 6 hours apart from college and tutorials.

Raghav Gupta (20) with a 99.95 percentile score is also a third-year BCom student at AU. “My wish to pursue MBA started with my routine of passing by IIMA every day. While preparing for CAT, I traveled from Bodakdev to Gulbai Tekra and passed by IIMA thinking of getting admission here one day. With the score, I am hopeful of getting a call from IIMA and wish to convert calls into admission at IIMA,” he said.

Shubham Shukla (21), a final year Mechanical engineering student at Nirma University scored 99.93 percentile score. “I knew it would be difficult to manage both- engineering as well as CAT with equal focus. I think, my engineering suffered a bit because my focus was on CAT preparation. With this score, I am hoping to make it to top IIMs.”

Vishal Chitlangya (25) had left his plum job in Mumbai to take up CAT. He completed his CA in 2016 and accepted a job with a Mumbai firm with Rs 17 lakh pay package. His CAT score is 99.59 percentile. Read more here 

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Endeavor in News | April 2019

Ahmedabad Mirror | CAs, engineers from city make it to IIMs

After grilling interviews, the admission letters from India’s premier management institute are out. And there is good news for students from the state. At least 20 students have made it to the top three Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Calcutta. Among the students who have bagged admissions to the IIMs include a third-year BCom student, two chartered accountants who are alumni of Gujarat University and Ahmedabad University respectively, besides two alumni of Nirma University.

Meet 22-year-old Rushabh Modi who completed CA with All-India Rank 41 in 2017 and bagged a seat at IIM-A. With a CAT score of 97.49 percentile, Modi had expected a call from the premier B-School as IIMA encourages academic diversity.

“I believe management-related exposure is important and I had found CA’s work monotonous. I plan for a career in consultancy and hope to learn from the best at IIMA,” said Modi, a student of RJ Tibrewal Commerce College

Mukul Bhambhani, another CA and alumni of Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSoM) who started his own Chartered Accountancy firm soon realized that there was fierce competition in the market. 

“I learned that it is important to offer services apart from CA to sustain oneself in the market. So the idea of getting an MBA occurred to me. This is to provide a comprehensive set of services to clients at my firm,” Bhambhani said. “I am looking forward to learning from a diverse pool of people,” he said. Bhambhani bagged a seat at IIMA.

For Darshak Lodhiya, it has been an interesting journey. He hails from Manavadar near Junagadh and studied in Gujarati medium until he got admission in BTech at Nirma University. He graduated in 2016 and it was during this time that his interest in trading and stocks peaked.

“I worked with a CIIE incubated start-up for 18 months and prepared for CAT. I realised I do not have an interest in entrepreneurship and will take up Finance specialization. IIM-Calcutta is known to be the best for finance and I am very happy to be studying there,” Lodhiya said.

For Ali Pulaovala, a third year student BCom student of AMSoM at Ahmedabad Univesity, his selection at IIM-C was slightly disappointing. Reason: his elder brother Akil is studying at IIMA.

“I always thought IIMs are beyond my reach but from the day I started preparing for it, everything started falling in place. It requires a lot of hard work but if you enjoy it, it is nothing,” Pulavwala said.

Jayesh Saraf, a student of final year Mechanical Engineering at Nirma University who scored 99.87 percentile rank in CAT will also be studying the two-year MBA at IIMA. He hails from Rajasthan and was in city to complete BTech.

“IIMA is considered to be the best business school and it has strong alumni network,”Saraf said.

He wants to pursue consulting as a career as he thinks it is a field where one grows the most and deal with people at the top level. Find the article here.

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Endeavor in News | January 2019

Ahmedabad Mirror | Surprise! It is IIMA calling

When the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2018 result was announced and Yash Desai from Mumbai scored 80.84 percentile rank, he never thought he would get a call from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). When online results showed up Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), he thought it was a technical glitch and called multiple friends to cross-check the same.

“I could believe it only when I saw an email in my inbox from IIMA. I never imagined this as I scored 80.84 percentile rank which is considered low score to get into the top IIM,”

said Desai, a 20-year-old final year student of bachelor’s in mass media. Desai is one of the 157 candidates who scored 90 percentile and below but were yet called by IIMA for their PGP and FABM programs.

Officials said that this year, cut off marks for the general category is 80.84 percentile rank, 79.15 percentile rank for NC-OBC, 70.40 percentile rank for SC and 65.34 percentile rank for ST candidates based on the CAT 2018 score. Last year, 182 candidates who scored 90 percentile and below were invited for the second round. Not less than half a dozen students from the city have received calls for the second round of admission for IIMA’s 2019-21 batch. The list of students includes those still studying in the final year and students with BCom and BA degrees.

A scrap dealer’s son has also made the cut. Devanshi Shah, who did BA psychology, scored 97.58 percentile. A student of St Xavier’s College, she too was surprised to receive a call from IIMA.

“My interest areas are HR and marketing and both are connected to psychology. My basic mathematics was fine but I had to work hard for data interpretation and quantitative aptitude. I would like to complete an MBA, gain work-experience and pursue Ph.D. as I want to be part of academics,” she said.

The students who passed CAT 2018 with flying colors said they took mock tests and focused on sections they were weak in. For Ali Pulaovala, the joy of getting a call from IIMA is unparalleled not because he didn’t expect it but because his elder brother, a CA, is in the first year of PGP at IIMA. Ali, who is pursuing final year BCom at Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSOM), scored 99.71 percentile.

“There will be times when you would feel like quitting. But just keep working hard and you will succeed,” he said.

Read more here

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Times of India | Vadodara students shine in CAT 2018 exam, nearly 60 qualify

VADODARA: Vadodara proved to be lucky for 23-year-old Meet Verma, a native of Delhi. On Tuesday, Meet cleared Common Admission Test (CAT) to get into one of the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) with 99.93 percentile. “This was my third attempt,” said Meet, who after completing his bachelor’s in engineering in a mechanical stream from Pune University in 2017, had started working with a German firm near the city.

“My plan is to pursue MBA with a specialization in sales and marketing preferably from IIM-A,” said Meet, whose father Sushil Verma is a mechanical engineer while mother Rita Verma is a homemaker. Meet’s first attempt was in 2016 during the last year of engineering. “My first and second attempts were based on self-study while this time I had undergone coaching,” he said.  

Unlike Meet, Prachi Patel cleared her CAT on the first attempt, securing the 99.81 percentile. Prachi, who is pursuing her last year of engineering in computer science from M S University’s Faculty of Technology and Engineering (FTE), wants to enter into digital marketing. “I would prefer IIM Kozhikode, Indore, or IIM-Kolkata. If not, I would join FMS Delhi,” said Prachi, whose father Rajesh Patel, owns a jewelry shop while mother Rita Patel is a homemaker.

Another Barodian Rutvik Lingayat secured 99.79 percentile. Interestingly, after completing his graduation in bachelor’s in engineering in material science from MSU’s FTE in 2017, Rutvik started working in sales and marketing in the same coaching center where he was studying.
“Last year, too, I had scored 99.23 percentile but since I wanted to get into one of the better institutes, I continued the job for gaining job experience,” said Rutvik, who wants to get into FMS Delhi to pursue MBA in sales and marketing. Rutvik’s father Vivek Lingayat is an engineer while his mother Ujwala runs a clinic. Other students too left their mark in their own ways.

While Kunal Lalchandani became the first student to secure 99.73 percentile in the history of SVIT, Vasad, Read more here.

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Our Vadodara | Dreams do come true if you Endeavor!!!

15 Endeavor students scored 99 percentile in CAT2018 from Endeavor Vadodara.
We are elated to announce these 15 students from Endeavor Careers Pvt. Ltd. Vadodara include the highest CAT 2018 scorers from SVIT, MSU BBA, MSU Technology faculty, etc

Congratulations to the Endeavor Vadodara and the achievers who proved to us that students from Vadodara and colleges in and around can dare to dream.

Meet Verma: 99.93 (SKNCOE)
Prachi Patel: 99.81 (MSU Techo)
Rutvik Lingayat: 99.79 (MSU Techo)
Kunal Lalchandani: 99.73 (SVIT, Vasad)
Yash Dave: 99.71 (BITS Pilani)
Tanay Mehta 99.65 (MSU B. Com)
Pinak Shah: 99.68 (MSU Techo)
Ishank Agarwal: 99.55 (Pune Uni)
Himalay Sawalia: 99.45 (IITRAM)
Jugal Doshi: 99.19 (GCET)
Dhiraj Jain: 99.1 (NIT Warangal)
Shail Shah: 99.07 (MSU Techo)
Priyank Inani: 99.29 (MSU Techo)
Pruthil Bhatt: 99.65 (BVM, VVN)
Dhruv Palejwala: 99.16 (DDIT, Nadiad) Click to view the post.

Endeavor in News | January 2018

DNA | CAT 2017: 25 from Ahmedabad score more than 99 percentile

Twenty-five students from the city scored 99 and above percentile in the Common Admission Test (CAT) held in November 2017. Like last year, 20 candidates scored an overall 100 percentile, but the profiles of these candidates were different this year as compared to CAT 2016.

CAT was conducted in two shifts on November 26, 2017. A total of 1,99,632 candidates had appeared for the exam across 140 cities: the largest number in the last three years.

Of the 20 who scored a perfect score, one belongs to Surat. While 20-year-old Meet Agarwal from Surat has scored 100 percentile, 22-year-old Aditi Kaviya from Ahmedabad has topped in the city, with 99.88 percentile. Of the 25, 22 are from Endeavor Careers, 3 are engineers

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“While in CAT 2016, all the top 20 candidates were men and engineers, this year the top 20 list comprise two women candidates and three non-engineers,” said IIM Lucknow, the coordinating IIM for CAT 2017, in an e-mail.

“There were some students who, despite having a great score, did not get a call from the IIM-A. IIMA considers class 10, 12 and graduation results as well along with CAT score which is why many despite scoring 99.5 and above have not got a call from IIMA”, said Hitesh Devalia, director, Endeavor Careers. Read more here 

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DNA | Nirma University girl tops Ahmedabad in CAT results

For 22-year-old Aditi Kaviya, an engineer, appearing for CAT 2017 was a cakewalk. With impulse reading as her hobby and a strong background in Quantitative Aptitude, Aditi scored 99.98 percentile, and the only girl who topped the city. Aditi, who is currently in her 4th year of B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from Nirma University was expecting a good score however never expected to top the city.

Speaking to DNA, she said: 

“My exam had gone very well. This score comes to me as a surprise. I think what worked for me was strong vocabulary, thanks to reading and my background in Quantitative Aptitude.”

Aditi Kaviya, CAT topper from nirma, endeavor cat topper, gujarat cat 2017 topper, cat 2017 ahmedabad cat topper

While she played Tennis before her graduation, she could not pursue it as a hobby as engineering and preparing for CAT did not allow her time. She said, “My university is very strict with attendance so attending college from morning till 6.00 in the evening and then CAT coaching classes did not allow much time for me to do any other activity. To take a break, I used to read fiction novels.” Read more here

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Ahmedabad Mirror | Commerce grads bell the CAT. 20-year-old Gujarat topper Meet Agarwal scores 100 percentile

Commerce grads bell the CAT: 20-year-old Gujarat topper Meet Agarwal scores 100 percentile

Engineers have always dominated the topper’s list of the Common Admission Test in Gujarat. But the CAT 2017 results announced on Monday had a pleasant surprise in store. Not only is Gujarat topper Meet Agarwal (20) who scored 100 percentile among the top 20 who got the perfect score, but is also a third-year BCom student from Surat. Like Meet, this year, several candidates from commerce background have successfully cracked CAT in the State.

Another BCom graduate Dhwani Shah scored 99.03 percentile. The 24-year-old who completed her college in 2015 says, “The biggest challenge for commerce students in mathematics. The calculations seem complex because the subject is not part of our curriculum in college. I had to
put extra efforts into studying mathematics.” Dhwani is expecting a call from IIMA. 

Aditi Kaviya (22) who scored 99.98 percentile in CAT 2017 is exultant at cracking CAT with an impressive score at the first attempt. The chemical engineering student at Nirma University says, “Speed (of writing paper) was the main challenge. I overcame this limitation by practicing regularly.” According to an estimate, around 100 students from the state scored 99 percentile and above in CAT 2017.

‘Mock tests are the key’
Meet Agarwal (20)
100 percentile
This 20-year-old BCom student from Surat took more than 80 mock tests in the run-up to CAT which helped him score 100 percentile. He says, “I took mock tests from various institutes and of varying degrees of difficulty to prepare for CAT.” Son of a textile exporter, Meet will be the second person from his family to attend an IIM. His sister got a management degree from IIM Udaipur and has a start-up of her own.

Double celebration
Viraj Sheth (21) 99.95 percentile | Gitanj Sheth (22) 99.86 percentile
It is a double celebration at the Sheth household. Gitanj, a mechanical engineer from Nirma University, and Viraj, a computer engineering student at DAIICT, have both studied in Gujarati medium schools. Viraj says, “The verbal section was the biggest challenge for us. We overcame this hurdle by reading a variety of books.” The brothers expect to be accepted into the IIMs.

Third time lucky
Rishabh Agarwal  | 98.75percentile
This BCom student overcame his physical limitation to achieve his dream of studying in top BSchool. Rishabh who suffers from muscular dystrophy has received call letters from various IIMs including one from IIMA. He says, “My condition never impeded my will to achieve my goal. This was my third attempt. ” He wants to study at IIMA. Read more here

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Career 360 | CAT 2017 Topper Interview: Be consistent and believe in your abilities says 99.95 percentiler Viraj Sheth

Viraj Sheth, a 99.95 percentiler in CAT 2017, believes that with consistency, you can overcome every challenge. Hailing from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Viraj worked really hard to overcome the language barrier as his vernacular was Gujarati but it did not stop him from securing such a good percentile in CAT. Viraj is pursuing B. Tech at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar.

In this interview with Careers360, Viraj shared his success mantra for the CAT 2018 aspirants. According to him, you need to maintain a consistency of giving 6 – 8 hours every day and believing in your abilities is of utmost importance for everything that you are hoping to achieve in life. 

Excerpts from the interview:

Careers360: Congratulations on securing 99.95 percentile in CAT 2017. What is your sectional percentile?

Viraj: I secured 99.17 percentile in Verbal Ability, 99.88 percentile in Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and 99.54 percentile in Quantitative Ability.

Careers360: What was your preparation strategy for CAT 2017?

Viraj: I started preparing in June 2016. Although, I invested seven to eight hours each day in CAT preparation in the last six months. I took a lot of mock tests and I believe that was the most important part of my preparation strategy.

Careers360: Did you take coaching? How helpful was it? Is it possible to succeed through self-study?

Viraj: I took coaching from Endeavor careers. The faculty members were really helpful they know how to make things easier for you. Self-study is risky but not impossible. Read more here

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Shiksha | 99.86 percentiler Gitanj Sheth took 75 mocks to crack CAT 2017

Since Gitanj Sheth was dissatisfied with his CAT score in 2016, he decided to take the test again. This time he didn’t want to leave any stone unturned so gave CAT 2017 all of his time and dedication. This 22-year old, Mechanical Engineering graduate from Nirma University scored an impressive 99.86 percentile in his second attempt and is mighty elated with his scores.

While his younger brother Viraj Sheth too cracked CAT 2017 with 99.95 percentile, it is double celebration in Sheth household. Both Viraj and Gitanj have got interview call from IIM Calcutta, so it is quite likely that they both will be studying together in future.

In an interview with Shiksha, Gitanj shared his prep strategy and future plans.

Preparation strategy:
I did not take up a job, as when you want such a nice score, total commitment is a must. So, I had hours of preparation time. I took a lot of mocks. Precisely 75 mocks. Mock attempts and their analysis was a crucial part of my preparation. Other than that, I took a lot of sectional tests, solved materials, helped my colleagues in solving their doubts, etc.

I think, helping others is one of the best ways to learn when their doubts are somewhat about your level. So, when you excel in some section, having a habit of helping others in that section will make you a master of that section. 99.99 percentile in QA section is what I have achieved.

Importance of coaching institute::
Joining a coaching institute is important for multiple reasons. Especially when it is your second attempt. Your colleagues and faculties from coaching classes help you a lot to hold the momentum. Else, once you lose the momentum, instead of an improved score, you end up with a worse performance. They also are the best source for getting your queries solved. Also, the competition among each other keeps you running and maintaining your pace. They also have smarter ways to do the same thing, which are generally difficult to find by yourself. In my path to success, two coaching classes have played major roles, which are Endeavor Careers and Career Launcher. I will always be grateful to them. Read more here

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Endeavor in News | April 2016

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Ahmedabad Mirror | Two from State get 99.99 percentile 

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