Few reasons to pursue BBA course after XII/HSC are:

1.    Professional Career
BBA course from a reputed university is a stepping stone to enter the corporate world. All the industries including basic education sector are now are looking for professional managers who can take care of the business. Also, it shapes someone for the professional career in management in different arenas of business.


2.    Understanding Nitty-Gritties of Business
Unlike those entrepreneurs who have learnt business from their experience in the past, a degree in BBA helps to gather the right information and have a better understanding about various aspects of business. It also helps one not only in jobs but also in the sustainability of their own entrepreneurial venture in this competitive age.


3.    Focused approach towards Management theories
Undergraduate BBA course imbibes the right learning of basic management theories comprehensively. The topics like business economics, basic accounting principles, Sales and Marketing, Finance management, business law and ethics, Data Analysis, etc. helps in the development of right, focused and holistic approach towards management.


4.    Flexible Careers Opportunities in Corporate World
BBA study not only makes good managers but also gives an opportunity to work anywhere in the world. The program focuses on best practices followed in major economies around the globe. Also it’s a good start for someone who wants to take his career ahead for a PG program in management.




A good number of institutes in India accept BBA scores for their 5 year integrated programmes