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CMAT Sept 2014 Analysis

Sept’14 CMAT – A paper for the well prepared – extreme standard, no brilliance, no stupidity!

First day, First slot analysis


The section wise analysis of the paper can be such:


Verbal Ability:

From the first format wherein we had 17 questions of Critical reasoning to this format wherein we saw exactly 1 question of critical reasoning, all we can sum up is there is an amazing movement in this section and won’t be wrong if we say that the movement has been a good one. Similarly, there were no RCs in the first edition and today there were 15 questions of RC seen. Also, one of the RCs had 6 questions in it – again a change, though not a really good one because the RC was an easy one. The remaining spread of 10 questions was more or less representative wherein there was one Fact-Inference-Judgement question, 1 Word Usage, 1 Analogy, 1 odd one out, 1 synonym, 1 vocabulary based fill in the blanks, 1 parajumbles. All in all a paper which had a balanced spread and covered length and breadth of verbal ability preparation. Even the distribution of easy-moderate-difficult questions was a 15-6-4 which is typically CMAT and hence quite a standard one. Options were not very close and hence it would make the section easy for the students. With good reading and decent knowledge of vocabulary, a good attempt would be 20-22 questions with 85-90% accuracy.


Quantitative Aptitude:

The section has not changed much as compared to last year. It was a nice buffet with 25 questions with expectable spread of questions across Arithmetic, Algebra, Modern Mathematics and Geometry. With hardly 1-2 difficult questions, the overall section can be described as easy to moderate. There were some 14-15 questions that can be termed easy and non-time consuming. The remaining 7-8 lay in the moderate area. With around 22 odd attempts with close to 19-20 correct, a student can look at receiving a rank among top 500. 2 DI questions with a Line Graph and a Table which can be termed as easy. Overall, it was a comfortable section for the prepared student. The section did mean to give a relaxed feel to a student, which would boost the confidence and increase attempts. Interestingly, some chapters which generally have a prominent presence viz. Probability, Time and Work, Functions, Clocks & Calendars, Classical Number System questions were found missing in the first day, first slot. Probably, they are in the pipeline for the further slots.


Analytical Reasoning:

Half the paper belonged to Arrangement and Puzzles and over and above that 2 questions were of Circular Arrangement and hence this can be termed a playground for a well prepared aspirant. Apart from that 3 questions of blood relations, 2 questions of Direction sense, 2 questions of syllogisms, and 2 questions of statement assumptions stamped the same thing again. Any well trained student would enter and solve these questions and the only thing that would find the winner will be the time spent on each question. Only a question or 2 could be termed difficult. The overall difficulty level of this section can be considered as moderate. 21-22 questions with good accuracy would fetch a good rank.


Current / General Awareness:

Difficult to put it in a bracket. Hence we can say 4-5 questions of current awareness, 5 questions of History+Geography, 7 questions on science showed prominent presence. The difficulty level of the GK questions can be termed moderate.


Overall take:

Nothing much has changed in the paper as a whole, they have maintained the variety and spice. Some change in the verbal section – not shocking though! Like in 2014 Feb and 2013 Sept CMAT, the student would be able to attempt a good number of questions and get them right, but it would fill up the time because of the length of questions with just a few minutes to share. Attempts might go up by 10% as compared to previous CMAT. The cutoff as compared to last year will go up by 5-10 marks.


This analysis is strictly indicative. This however forms a base in terms of the preparation agenda and a rough pattern on how to go about attempting the paper.



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